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Actionable climate intelligence for a resilient Earth.

Hyperlocal climate risk scores powered by machine learning to prevent losses and boost decision-making accuracy.

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Over 1 in 4 organizations globally are already being impacted by climate change today.*


Climate change and extreme weather events create a wide range of business impacts -- from supply chain disruptions to rising insurance costs. Our team of scientists and engineers work closely with customers to understand their needs and bring the most innovative climate risk modeling solutions to them.

*(Forbes) Organizations Are Feeling The Pain Of Climate Change: Here Are Five Ways It’s Affecting Their Business

With Terrafuse you can:

Get a simple, actionable risk score from 1 to 10 for any given location.

See risk potential at ultra-fine spatial resolutions of just a few meters.

Make decisions confidently by leveraging AI trained by billions of unique earth observational data points.

How it Works



We source billions of unique earth observational data points at ultra-fine resolutions from the scientific community. We then process and prepare the data for modeling.



Our models generate a risk score for the likelihood of a specific location experiencing climate-induced damage over the next year. We test our results against historical damage previously unseen by the model to ensure predictions are highly accurate.



We train our models to learn the interdependencies between 50+ environmental conditions (e.g. building density, dead fuel moisture, vegetation) and severity of loss over time. We also embed the physics of the atmosphere into our models using advanced machine learning techniques.



We work with your team to embed our risk scores into your existing systems via API so you can start making climate-informed decisions confidently.

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Interested in leveraging machine learning to make climate-informed decisions for your business?

We developed a free online tool for you to explore our technology by checking for wildfire risk at any location in California.

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