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Our Story

Terrafuse was founded by a group of ambitious scientists and business leaders as a spin out of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

We started Terrafuse because we experienced firsthand the impacts of extreme weather in our state of California, where wildfire intensity potential worsened by 50% in the last few decades. We knew that, if equipped with the right intelligence, our government agencies, energy & insurance companies, and financial institutions could be doing more to adapt to climate risk.

Our vision is to embed climate risk, informed by artificial intelligence, into decision-making everywhere. By combining our expertise in climate science and machine learning with vast quantities of previously untapped Earth observation data, Terrafuse can more accurately, precisely, and efficiently model climate risk at any given location.

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20M people displaced by climate change each year globally*

>4% of global GDP at stake by 2050 by conservative estimates**

And yet only 3% of Earth observation data is used today

Our Investors and Partners

In addition to venture backing, we are proud to be supported by these incredible organizations:

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