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Read the latest media coverage and press releases about Terrafuse AI.

Blog Posts

Terrafuse AI's proprietary wildfire risk data brings a data driven approach to mitigation credits for insurance premiums.

By: Jack Seagrist

Dec 4, 2022

A review of the California Department of Insurance's landmark policy to enforce premium discounts for wildfire mitigation action.

By: Dr. Gireesh Shrimali

Nov 9, 2022

Scalable modeling approaches, like Terrafuse AI’s, are needed to measure the spectrum of climate risks for financial institutions.

By: Dr. Gireesh Shrimali

Mar 22, 2022

A nascent corner of climate tech, dubbed Climate Risk Analytics, has flown largely under the radar despite proving incredible promise. 

By: Silvia Vieira

Jan 27, 2022

Press Coverage

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